Pricing & Payments

Bridges Mediation offers a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your situation. Once you are ready to proceed with mediation, the starting price is $150 per party. This includes two 30-minute client intake calls (one for each party), 2 full hours of mediation, and all necessary documentation that needs to be completed after the mediation.

While two hours is often enough time to complete a successful mediation session, there are times that additional time is required. Bridges Mediation services are billed at $50 per hour per party after the first two hour session.

Two 30-minute client intake calls occur, 3.5 hours of mediation are required, and all documentation needs are met after the mediation. The cost for this service would be $225 per party.

Payment Policy
Payment is due in full at the time that mediation services are scheduled.  If you cannot attend your scheduled mediation, it can be rescheduled at no cost with 72 hours notice